Garden Style

Four finished pieces of art in Jenny Goring's signature style of collage painting. The subjects are: Daisies, Poppies, Hens & Chicks and Irises.

Trained as a graphic designer, I currently work as a freelance designer & illustrator while I am trying to build a career in fine art. I really do enjoy design, so I use many of those skills in my artwork. The difference here is that I do not have a client calling the shots. Instead, I get to focus on what brings me the most joy… nature & flowers. When I am surrounded by nature, I am most relaxed, and I hope that my artwork will make collectors feel as relaxed and happy as I do in my garden. I am currently working on a series of art highlighting the flowers we grow in our home garden. I realized I can do at least one for every letter of the alphabet! (“U” …is that really a Uinta Cactus I have there? If not, I will plant that variety so I can honestly say I have all these in my garden!)

Photos of the Daisies growing in Jenny Goring's home garden. Photo Credit: Erin Settje Photography (c)2016

photo credit: Erin Settje Photography (c) 2016

Photos of Jenny Goring's unique process: altering National Geographic Pages, Drawing cut patterns using Adobe Illustrator.

I have been working very hard this summer to develop a style that is distinctively my own. It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. Still, I like to challenge myself to rearrange and recombine things into something that seems new. I am someone who doesn’t like to have to choose one thing over another. I want to be able to enjoy and learn from all different sorts of things. This affects my art as I do some portions of my work on the computer, but the end result is a tangible object. Repurposing things, or using an object for something other than its original intended purpose is something I really enjoy. In my art, I do this by altering National Geographic pages which I then cut and use in my collage paintings. (I learned how to alter the pages watching Cathy Thomas’s video tutorials:

Process Photo. It's a lot like putting a puzzle together. Here, Jenny Goring has cut the background colors out of the altered national geographic pages and is laying them out on the board.

Jenny Goring uses Adobe Illustrator to lay out and alter her text and create a pattern to cut out using the Silhouette Cameo cutter.

The finished artwork: Jenny Goring's "Daisy #1."