Happy Holidays!

Can you believe the year is almost over?! 

For most of us this means we get to spend time with people we love, reflect upon the year we just had and dream about the year ahead. For me, this also means regrouping at the end of my first year in business as an Artist! It’s been quite a journey and I am so grateful for support from people like you. Your kind words, encouragement, critiques and questions have helped me to determine what direction I want to go in 2017. 

For someone who has been making things all my life, it feels a little funny to talk about my art-making as a new adventure. But 2016 truly has been a year of reading, learning, researching, networking, consulting, planning, testing, doing… in a phrase, HARD WORK!

Here are some of the things I was able to accomplish:

I decided WHAT I make and HOW I make it!
This is seriously no small thing for someone who lives life swinging by the seat of her pants. I am a go-with-the-flow kinda gal who learns and grows by experimenting. It was a matter of serious soul-searching and determining what I am truly passionate about and how I can share that with others.

And here it is: I love flower gardening. Seems simple, right? So simple I wasn’t sure it was enough at first. But then I thought about WHY…

  • It is great exercise in the fresh air! So much of what I do happens indoors, where I cannot always hear the birds sing or the sound of the wind rustling the trees. When I am sitting on the ground, getting dirty, feeling the plants and ladybugs on my skin, I feel a calm connection with nature that we don’t always have in our modern, high-tech lives.
  • It teaches me to live in the moment, and be okay with the fact that everything isn’t perfect all the time.
  • It gets me in the habit of thinking long-term.
  • It teaches me patience, requiring that I wait—sometimes many months—to see the fruition of my hard work. This skill will certainly be helpful as I build my art career!
  • It is a way to practice observation, exploration and gratitude.
  • It creates a welcoming place to spend time with people I care about.

This is why I make art based on my flowers.  I want to give people a little bit of serenity.

Now that we are in the winter months, I find that being surrounded with flower-themed art is helping me stay upbeat. I want my art to do that for other people; whether they hang it in their home or workplace, see it at the doctor’s office, or get a greeting card featuring my work, I want them to be able to feel that sense of freshness, that calm, that sense of discovery I get in when I am in my garden.

How do I do it? I spent many, many hours this year fine-tuning the way I make art. I experimented with several materials, methods, processes, etc. I have finally settled on best practices for my art-making and how I mount/display it. You can see more about the basics in my other blog posts. Check out The Making of “Being Koi” first, and watch for updated process articles about other pieces in the months to come.

I launched my website in November of 2015, which was probably too early… I only had two pieces to put up at that time. I have spent the year creating enough art that I am finally confident that I have a body of work worth promoting online and in person.

It seems now that I have made a commitment to my goal, things are starting to fall into place. I am incredibly fortunate to have met three other Woman Artists who are sharing the business journey with me. Through weekly conference calls and open sharing, the fears associated with this endeavor are starting to fall away. There is so much an Artist has to do in order to be successful. It can be incredibly overwhelming! But this group of amazing women is sharing that burden, making it lighter for each of us. I am truly blessed to have connected with them.

I had help from two photographer friends; one who took pictures of my garden and one who took pictures of me in my studio so that I would have the images I need to promote myself.

As for 2017, I am so excited to be starting the year off knowing what to do next! And I plan to share the journey with you though emails, my blog, Instagram and my Facebook page. I love to hear your comments and what you would like to see next, so don’t be shy and stay in touch! You can email me directly anytime at jenny@jennygoring.com and join the conversation on my Facebook page

Most importantly...
Have a wonderful holiday, and a healthy, happy new year!